Original BBQ!!!! Is so awesome! My whole family truly loves the unique sweet but spicy taste.
Outstanding flavor!!

Jane L

Outstanding BBQ Sauce!
Finally a product with no preservatives and MSG. In terms of quality, purity and taste yours is the best.
I use the BBQ sauce on my chicken, steak, pork and ribs. The various levels of hot helps me accommodate the different tastes of my guests. Great BBQ Taste

Michael J


Code Blue Hot Sauce on cooked burgers, the best. A little Hot sauce on grilled shrimp and Italian sandwiches, outstanding. Sometimes in a marinate I add some Hot sauce and it gives it a nice subtle taste and kick. I am finding the uses of your hot sauce and bbq sauce are endless.
Keep producing great natural products, you make us back yard chefs look good.

Backyard BBQ Guy


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Dr. Rub's BBQ Ribs

Pork Ribs seasoned with our Smokehouse Mesquite BBQ spice blend, perfect blend for pork, chicken, venison and wild game, fish, and potatoes. This seasoning adds an interesting mesquite smoke flavor to all your cooking. “Ribs finished with any of our Dr. Rub BBQ Sauces!”

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