Original BBQ!!!! Is so awesome! My whole family truly loves the unique sweet but spicy taste.
Outstanding flavor!!

Jane L

Outstanding BBQ Sauce!
Finally a product with no preservatives and MSG. In terms of quality, purity and taste yours is the best.
I use the BBQ sauce on my chicken, steak, pork and ribs. The various levels of hot helps me accommodate the different tastes of my guests. Great BBQ Taste

Michael J


Code Blue Hot Sauce on cooked burgers, the best. A little Hot sauce on grilled shrimp and Italian sandwiches, outstanding. Sometimes in a marinate I add some Hot sauce and it gives it a nice subtle taste and kick. I am finding the uses of your hot sauce and bbq sauce are endless.
Keep producing great natural products, you make us back yard chefs look good.

Backyard BBQ Guy


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Fun Fact: Did you know that honey bees travel up to 3-4 miles to harvest Pollen and Nectar? Dr. Rubs 100% Pure Natural Honey is now available in one pound & two pound jars. Please enjoy responsibly!

Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Honey





Dr. Rub’s Code Blue Hot Sauce “Gluten Free & No MSG”

Dr. Rub’s Code Blue Hand Crafted Gourmet Hot Sauce was created with a unique blend of roasted red peppers. Its flavor is intensified with a trifecta of specially smoked Ghost, Habanero and Thai chili peppers, along with our very own Dr. Rub seasoning blend. Code Blue Hot Sauce will revive your lifeless taste buds with its electrifying heat. You want your heart to skip a beat? Code Blue’s Hot Sauce will knock you off your feet! And it’s Gluten Free!!!

Not all people have the same tolerance for “Hot” and “Spicy” products. What is “Mild” for some may be “Hot” for others. Hence this disclaimer: Some of the products sold from this website are “Extremely Hot” and are not intended for misuse. These creations are solely intended to enhance the flavor of the food you enjoy. Do not apply these products to skin, eyes or any other part of the human anatomy. When purchasing these products as gifts for family and friends, Dr. Rub encourages you to refer them to this website and review this disclaimer. Furthermore, by purchasing these products from this website, you agree that you will not hold Dr. Rub and/or any employees or representatives of Dr. Rub liable or responsible for injuries resulting from improper use of these products.

Price $5.99 (5.2oz)


Dr. Rub’s Barbecue Sauce brings your taste buds to life with its mouthwatering combination of rich brown sugar and juicy raspberry sweetness.
The ORIGINAL BLEND has Dr. Rub’s seasoning accompanied by a special blend of smoked chili peppers, which adds an unexpected kick of mild heat.
ICU BLEND has a spicy kick of heat by virtue of the smoked “Ghost Pepper” which is known as one of the top hottest chili peppers. This blend is known as our “middle of the line” as far as heat goes!
The CODE BLUE BLEND is our most extreme level of heat in our BBQ Sauce line. It was prepared with a trinity of fiery peppers…the Ghost, Habanero and Thai chili peppers. It’s sweetness will tempt your taste buds, and the heat will ignite a fiery flavor to your menu.
Dr. Rub’s Barbecue Sauces are great for all of your BBQ meats, chili, or zesty dipping sauces. It also adds a delicious flavor when used on wild game.

Price: $6.99 (15.2 oz.)





Dr. Rubs 100% all natural tomato basil pasta sauce was created with the freshest ingredients.  Plump tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, & spices which will bring an old fashioned Italian taste to whatever form of pasta you use.  No sugar added, low in salt,  No MSG, and Gluten Free!

Price $5.99 each



Dr. Rubs all natural spicy salsa is made with the finest ingredients available. The Doc’s salsa has NO MSG and is GLUTEN FREE! This nutritious snack is perfect for those concerned shoppers who look for the highest quality of natural food products. Add it to you rice dishes, as a side to your favorite meals, or just as a snack with chips or vegetables. For the Avocado lover…add chopped avocado to our salsa for an added twist! Enjoy Dr. Rub’s Spicy Salsa’s amazing taste! The uses are endless!
Price $5.99 (16 fl.oz.) / Special – 3 for $15.00



All Natural Spicy Salsa

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